5 Uber Tricks to Getting the Most Out of Dungeon Boss

In Dungeon Boss, you’re bound to come across hundreds of heroes but you’ll be surprised to know that most of them are one star heroes. If you come across two stars, they’re a pretty mediocre bunch as well. What you really need are the three to five star characters, with the really awesome stats to power you through the game. And with great power comes great responsibility indeed; as these high tiered champions are also quite a grind to get.

Not to worry, there are some tips to help you ease out the difficulty of recruiting these champions into your party.

1. Heroic Summons is your best friends.

There are various summons in Dungeon Boss and heroic summons are the rare ones. You’ll have to spend 300 gems, a currency you can buy from the in-app store or for free with Dungeon Boss hacks for unlimited gems, to purchase these particular summons. Heroic summons guarantee a great hero to help you out plus a side dish of wonderful rare items and rare tokens.

2. Or you can choose the not so heroic ones too.

If you’re not the type to spend real money on a mobile app or not as keen on joining competitions, you don’t need to weep as Great Summons and Honor Summons are there to help you out. It has been proven that these summons can still drop rare heroes. To top it off, they have a better chance at getting the high-tier ones than Heroic Summons. Though you’ll have a lack of equipment to support your high-tiered party if you rely on these two summons on the long run.
There is one particular summon that does ensure a rare character and that is the VIP summon. One big downside is that you’ll have to be a level 5 VIP to get one.

3. Pit yourself against other players.

Player versus player is a beloved mode in various games especially online. It’s no surprise that a lot of people want to engage in PVP due to the high rewards. Though it’s a high stakes, high rewards system, various individuals can’t help but to try how well they can fight against one another. This is the innate competitive attitude that most gamers have. The more you win means getting higher in the ranked ladder and being up high means better tokens and rewards.

4. Quests are an easy way to getting what you want.

No online gamer is not familiar with quests. In fact these same quests are in offline games too! You’ll have to go through various missions to earn gems which in turn can help you buy the summons from your in-app store. Aside from that, you can also earn tokens or even unlock rare characters! The possibilities are limitless!

5. It pays to be VIP.

Being VIP gives you a lot of perks since you’re supporting the game and this does mean a better chance of getting rare characters. Though there’s a better chance of earning characters, tokens and gems as VIP, that doesn’t mean the game isn’t fun if you’re a F2P kind of person.

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