Action at Your Doorsteps – Best Army Games for Your Android Device


Battles are no longer fought on the battlefields or on your television screen. Killing enemy soldiers and grabbing their land is now popular as Android video games. While some people make these military games part of their daily gaming habit, there are others who care for only the best soldier games. An Android military game is as good as the user review. Feedback and reviews are very important for these games. Check out the best army and soldier games for Android devices.

1. Frontline Commando

As the name suggests, this game allows you to play as the last standing soldier defending your position from enemy attacks. You will be the only soldier and face the waves of bullets, kill your enemy and accomplish your mission. You can control the soldier by using the on-screen virtual button. Just drag your thumbs across the screen to aim and shoot your enemies. You can also cover your left and right by tapping the arrows.

Frontline commando allows you to do missions and become a battle hardened soldier. Upgrading your weapons and accomplishing your missions will let your earn points. Earning more stars will unlock more powerful weapons in the store.

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2. Brothers in Arms 3

Relive the horrors of the Second World War by becoming a soldier on your Android device. This is an FPS (Free Person Shooting) game with 3D graphics which makes the game more realistic. You will have to play with your headphones to enjoy the sound of the fighters passing by and the foreign language spoken by the enemy. This game really reminds you of Call of Duty.

You can also play multiplayer mode using WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Test your war skills and challenge your friends in three different modes: Domination, Team Deathmatch and Free of All.

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3. Army Sniper

Point your guns at terrorists and kill them on your Android smart phone. The game will let you play the role of an elite soldier and you have orders to kill the terrorist. You need sharp concentration and a steady hand to be able to beat your enemies. You need to worry about guns and ammunition because you have unlimited ammunition to use. You will be given five chances for every mission.
The game comes with advertisements and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The advertisements will appear while starting the game and after every stage.

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4. Major Mayhem

From the creator of Robot Unicorn Attack comes another exciting game for your Android Smart phone. This is not just an ordinary military game, but it features excellent animation and 3D graphics that makes the game real. You won’t need any arrow button as the software will automatically move the character. All you have to do is to tap on the enemy to kill them and tap two fingers to jump over the obstacles.

You will be paid money for every mission accomplished and you can use this money to buy new weapons and armor. This game can be downloaded absolutely free from Google Play Store.

For some, it is the love for fighting and fascination and for others, it is the conscious effort to prepare for the worst. Whatever may be the case for you, you won’t be disappointed.

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