Arena 8 Is Coming to Clash Royale and All We Know About It

In early July, Clash Royale developer, Supercell, announced and launched a few new features. These features includes 4 new cards (including two new Legendary cards: The Lumberjack and The Log), tournament play, and a new Arena 8 called Frozen Peak. This new arena is unlocked at 2300 trophies and will now be a stepping stone from the Royal Arena to the Legendary Arena.

Many players appreciate this as it mixes up what has historically been a long tedious struggle to get to the Legendary Arena from the Royal Arena.

This seems to have been a solid strategy for Supercell as, according to an article on, “Clash Royale earned an extra $1.5 million in revenue after launching its [update]”.

Contributors to sites such as Clash Royalepedia and Clash Royale Tips have already begun creating new strategies and deck arrangements in the forums and article posts. One site, Clash Royale Arena, has a whole host of deck strategies from players specifically for the new arena.

The new Legendary cards have played a large role in these new strategies as players discover how to best utilize them to progress to the new arena. In fact, Clash Royalepedia has an entire page devoted to “Lumberjack Decks”. The Lumberjack can only be unlocked when a player reaches the Frozen Peak Arena and costs 4 units of Elixir to deploy. When the Lumberjack dies, he drops a Rage bottle, which causes other troops to attack and move quicker.

The other legendary card, The Log (a spell card), can be unlocked in Arena 6 from the Builder’s Workshop. The spell has an area damage effect and when put in play, The Log tumbles around the Arena and damages troops until it disintegrates. It has been reported that one of the loading screens states that, “The Lumberjack and The Log goes way back.”

The other two cards, the Ice Spirit and the Bowler, have also added new layers of strategy to the game. The Ice Spirit costs 1 unit of elixir to be deployed and freezes your enemies’ troops for a couple of seconds. The Bowler, like the Lumberjack, can only be unlocked once you reach the Frozen Peak Arena and pushes a large rock in front of him to destroy enemy troops.

With these new features, players that have not played the game in a while have new reason to go back and immerse themselves again, while new players have more options available as they progress through the game.

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