Take a Break from Battles with Virtual Families 2

New to Virtual Families 2 and don’t know how to start raising that perfect family that you’ve always wanted? Big Fish Games has brought the fun game that is centered around growing and raising a family right on your computer, mobile phones and tablets. Massively popular around the world, Virtual Families 2 caters to all ages but young adults seem to particularly enjoy playing this game.

So is this a Sims clone? At first glance, it may look like it. There are many games like Virtual Families 2 so what makes it special? First, it is to our knowledge the only game that has the mastered the adoption process. The game is all about having the family of your dream and adopting new children is the key part of that process. The game is controlled by the main currency in game, coins. You can earn coins through careers and other jobs. However, the best way to get coins is to simply use the cheating tools available for generating unlimited money on demand.

Having a big bank account is everything in Virtual Families 2 because that enables the players to enjoy the game to the fullest extent. Want to decorate your stale, empty house with high-end furniture and appliances? Then work hard or use the coin cheats to get ahead like the best players of this game.

Virtual Families 2 gameplay screenshot shown hereOf course, not all things can be bought with money and one of the core elements is forming a marriage with your dream partner. There is a matchmaking service in game with marriage proposals that you can accept or reject based on following criteria: name, age, gender, profession and level of expertise, salary, likes, dislikes and whether he or she wants kids.

Just like the Sims, another big element of the game is building your home and decorating it. This process is a big undertaking that involves a lot of time and cooperation with your virtual characters. It will take money to buy furniture and make appropriate upgrades. For instance, Standard Adult Bed will cost 1,350 coins in game.

Besides all the serious and core plots of the game that involves family building, there are also fun activities you can perform in-game. You can set out to collect cool items around the virtual world like different types of bugs and plat matters. This is a great task for children that will help occupy them.

Virtual Families 2 is available to play on any computer, both PC and Mac OS X. It can also be downloaded and played via Google Play and Apple App Store.

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